Friday, September 21, 2012

finding the best record label that matches your music style...

If you’re a musician looking for a deal, you probably asked yourself a few times: what are the best record labels that I should be approaching for a possible recording contact? If you’re anything like me, that list includes an entire page worth of possibilities, only leaving you more confused.

To determine what the best record labels are for you, you’re first going to need to decide on what factors make a label great in your opinion. For instance, do they develop the acts they sign, do they make their acts sign a 360 contract, have they had any success with their acts, who runs the labels, are the artists they have signed in the past happy with that labels performance, and so on.

Once you got your factors down, now it’s time to research and find the best record labels that best fit the type of deal you’re looking to get. Once you have your list of labels down, you can now consider these to be the best record labels for your music.