Thursday, September 20, 2012

Working in Beverly Hills

It's crazy working in Beverly Hills you pay $50 just to park on the street. Another  $111 if you need to leave your car on the street overnight. Crazy! Even the City Hall here is beautiful, not to mention the Police Department looks like a mansion. But hey if I charged people $161 to park, my place would look like a mansion too! Sometimes I forget that I live in the number one tourist destination in the world. Driving down Santa Monica Blvd., at any given time of the day or night you can see 100 or so tourists taking pictures in front of the Beverly Hills sign. I buzz by as the paparazzi snaps photos up and down rodeo drive of the random celebrities shopping. Not even the grocery store is sacred as paparazzi follow them up and down the aisles.... That's all for now bye-bye from Bev Hills...where it's currently ...perfect weather as usual.