Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Get The Best Deal on Flights

Since flights are usually the most expensive part of any trip, its best to look into flight costs first. Websites that compare flight prices won't do all the work for you. Flexibility is key to finding cheap flights, as deals are sometimes around for only a few hours. A day can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars. But if you need flights on a certain date, then you need to work the system a bit.

Let’s look at an example. Say I am flying from Los Angeles  to Fort Lauderdale. This is a popular route, and is served by a lot of airlines. I picked the date March 12th with a return date of  March 19th.

Step 1: Use a site like Kayak as your baseline. They search multiple websites at once so you can see prices across the board. Moreover, I also like how they let you search a few days before and after your selected date.  $258 is the best price Kayak found.

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Step 2: Cross check with another, like Skyscanner, to see what they come up with. These two are my favorite as they tend to search a wider range of booking sites as well as discount airline carriers. I never book a flight without checking these sites first.  As you can see, Skyscanner found a flight for $218. 

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Step 3: Find the lowest fare and head to that airline’s website to see if it is less. Sometimes airlines price tickets less on their own websites than they do on aggregators as a way to entice people to book directly. As we see above, the lowest fare is $108 USD on Spirit Airlines website directly.  

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As you can see, just from these 3 steps, you saved yourself $150!

In addition to doing these steps, the fares are usually cheapest when you buy on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the middle of the week. 

Email us directly if you need help booking or getting a great rate. We also offer custom package booking and we will get you a great rate and do all the hard work for you.