Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Use a Travel Agent? BECAUSE IT'S FREE

It's FREE. Travel Agents don't charge you anything. We make our money from the airline/hotel. Instead of giving the commission to Orbitz/Expedia/Kayak or whomever you book online through, your travel agent gets the commission instead. Agents also can beat their prices.

Save Time. An agent can save you time by going over thousands of flight and hotel options to find the right fare at the lowest rate. There are SO many sites that say they have the cheapest prices. Agents have access to unpublished rates, specials, incentives, promo codes, upgrades that the big sites don't and won't offer you. Booking a trip often proves to be an extremely stressful, grueling undertaking. You can spend hours online searching for deals on flights and hotels, bouncing from one website to another in pursuit of the perfect price. 
Save money. Some people shy away from using a travel agent because they think they'll be charged extra for the agent's services. IT'S FREE. Also, most of the time when we book you a vacation package, the service we use will give us free airport transfers and/or free trip insurance. Travel agents will also beat the prices you find online by 20-40%. 
Connections. Don't underestimate a travel agent's extensive connections, perks and know how. Agents may have people "on the inside", people they work with at airlines, resorts that can give them a better deal. Its personal. We personally call our contact at the resort to make sure you are treated like a VIP. We go to conferences where we meet these people. They give us tips on the best rooms and free upgrades. Agents who book a lot of flights develop strong relationships with sales representatives. That means we have double leverage that you can use on your behalf—the purchasing power of the agency group they're affiliated with, as well as the personal relationships we have with their sales reps,

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